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You may think that us girls at Archway escorts get fed up with dating

All honesty, in general I really enjoy the company of gentlemen. I think that goes for all of the girls at Archway escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/archway-escorts. We all enjoy the company of gentlemen and it does not matter if you are taking us out for dinner to a nice place in London, or just out for a couple of drinks down at the pub.

But what kind of gents do we like to date when we are not on duty with Archway escorts? It is surprising how much you learn about men when you work for an escort service. Mind you, at the same time you learn a lot about yourself as well and that helps when it comes to dating the right guy in London. Since I have been working in the escort service in London, I have become a lot more honest with myself, and I now know exactly the kind of guy that I look to hook up with when I am not working.

When you work for Archway escorts, you really don’t get a say in what kind of guy you date, but I make up for that when I am not working. Away from Archway escorts, I like to date guys who are really confident. For some reason, I seem to end up with a load of guys who are kind of nerdy when I go out with the girls. It is just a sign of the times here in London. The nerd will inherit the world one day.

But I really like to date confident guy. I think it comes from working at Archway escorts. When I am with the agency, I am always having to be in charge and in control, and to be the confident one. So many guys who hook up with escorts in London are just looking for some adult fun, but they may not have done it before, and it makes it kind of hard on the senses at time. When you are with a confident date, it is much easier to let go and just let him be in charge for once.

I also like dark men. Dark skinned men with dark hair have always turned me on, and I think that I would like to marry one. Of course, you can find plenty of dark guys in London, and when I am not at Archway escorts, I do like to hook up with them. Back in my native Denmark, lots of guys are blond and that does not do anything for me. But you know what, anyone is welcome to give me a call at Archway escorts, so if you fancy a date with a hot busty Danish girl living in London, give me a call and we take it from there. I am not sure that you have ever tried a Scandinavian open sandwich but I would love to serve one up for you.…