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Needham at the Turn of the 20th Century

- The Needham Town Hall -

The Town Hall was built in 1902 in response for the Town's need for civic office space and the Town's desire to highlight its prosperity and (in the words of Selectman Edgar Bowers) its "Progressive Spirit". Placed proudly on the Common, the Town Hall remains the most enduring and recognizable image of Needham.

Over the past century, the Town Hall has changed remarkably little on the outside. The maples, however, have marked the passage of time; the saplings in the old images are now the venerable trees that shade the Common. Inside the change has been greater, and the Town Hall has been altered as needs arose to meet the increasing complexity of Needham's modern civic life.

Town Hall Image Gallery

The Town Hall just after completion
Early Postcard View of the Town Hall
The Town Hall decorated for the Needham Bicentennial
The Bicentennial Banquet

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