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- The Schools, 1900 -

The Schools
There were 7 schools in 1900, 6 elementary schools and the high school. The Kimball and Avery Schools held about 220 students each, from Grades 1 through 9. Most grades had their own teacher. The Eliot and Dwight Schools were two-room schools; the Harris and Parker were one-room schools.

There were 732 children (364 boys, 368 girls) enrolled in the Needham schools in 1900. The largest school was Avery (237 students); the smallest was Harris (27 students). Compulsory school age was 7 through 14, but many dropped out after 6th grade (age 12). The Needham High School Class of 1900 contained 10 students, 8 girls and 2 boys.

There were 24 teachers in the schools in 1900. Their salary was about $450. 19 teachers had taught for 5 years or fewer (8 were brand-new). The 3 High School teachers had college degrees (Harvard, Radcliffe and Smith); the remainder were normal school or high school graduates (7 from Needham High School).


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