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- Vital Stats, 1900 -

There were 85 births registered in 1900, 37 male and 48 female.
The greatest number occurred in May, with 14 (16%);
there were none in November.

There were 23 marriages celebrated in 1900. In 7 cases, both spouses were Needham residents. Another 10 married people from adjacent towns. In only 2 cases did the spouse come from another state, and one was the marriage of William Carter's daughter, Lucie, to Isaac Lee of New Jersey -- her cousin, and a former Needham resident.

There were 52 deaths registered in 1900, 31 male and 21 female. 14 deaths (27%) were of children younger than one year, 18 (35%) were of people older than 65 (the oldest being Evelina Orr, 88). A child born in Needham who survived its first year stood a disproportionate chance of living until 70 or more. The average life expectancy for the US in 1900 was about 50 years.


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