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Thank you for dropping by the Needham Channel website! The NCTDC is a 501(c)3, not-for profit corporation. We provide public, educational and governmental programming through The Needham Channel for cable television subscribers in the town of Needham, Massachusetts. We welcome feedback from the community on all of our services, from our three access channels, to our website and video clips. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at

Needham Channel Notes:
November 21, 2014 - Final tournament listings!
Friday, 11/21 - Girls Soccer vs. Franklin (11/11) 7pm on our Education Channel
Friday, 11/21 - Boys Soccer vs. BC High (11/15) 8pm on our Community Channel
Monday, 11/24 - Boys Soccer vs. St. John's (11/18) 9pm on our Community Channel
Tuesday, 11/25 - Boys Soccer vs. Amhearst (11/22) 8pm on our Education Channel
Thursday, 11/27 - Football vs. Wellesley (11/27) 3pm on our Education Channel
Happy Thanksgiving!

November 14, 2014 - More tournament airings:
Friday, 11/14 - Boys Soccer vs. Wellesley (11/8) 7pm on our Community Channel
Friday, 11/14 - Girls Soccer vs. Natick (11/8) 8pm on our Education Channel
Monday, 11/17 - Boys Soccer vs. Silver Lake (11/11) 8pm on our Education Channel
Monday, 11/17 - Football vs. Natick (11/14) 9pm on our Community Channel
Friday, 11/21 - Girls Soccer vs. Franklin (11/11) 7pm on our Education Channel
Featured Video
SAMD is putting on a remarkable staging of RENT this weekend. Show your support by attending the event and check out our preview from this week's news!

Check out more videos on our YouTube Channel!

This Week on the Needham Channel: 11/21 - 11/30
Needham Channel Sports
Friday at 7pm
Education Channel
Scheduled: Girls Soccer vs. Franklin, 11/11
Needham Channel Sports
Friday at 8pm
Community Channel
Scheduled: Boys Soccer vs. BC High, 11/15.
The Language of Business
Sunday at 5pm
Community Channel
Greg continues his look at Branding and Marketing in part 2. A subject that has some bite!
Carter Church Service
Monday at 3pm
Community Channel
Each week volunteers at the church tape the Sunday service to share with members of their congregation and the community at large.
Needham Channel Sports
Monday at 9pm
Community Channel
Scheduled: Boys Soccer vs. St. John's Prep, 11/18
PPBC Meeting
Tuesday at 1:30pm
Municipal Channel
The PPBC holds a special hearing on the Public Building Plan Monday at 7pm. If the meeting does not air live, this will be your first opportunity to hear the debate!
LWV Friday Forum
Tuesday at 5pm
Municipal Channel
The Needham Chapter of the League of Women Voters holds a monthly forum at the Library. This episodes deals with the politics of Food.
Board of Selectmen
Tuesday at 7pm
Municipal Channel
Live from Powers Hall at the Needham Town Hall, due to a public hearing on a walking path for the Sudbury Aquaduct. The agenda can be found here.
Needham Channel Sports
Tuesday at 8pm
Education Channel
Boys Soccer State Championship, 11/22!
First Baptist Church Service
Wednesday at 3pm
Community Channel
Each week volunteers at the Church tape the Sunday service to share with members of their congregation and the community at large. Expected to air today: the Easter Sunday Service!
Jimmy Young's 1 on 1
Wednesday at 9:30pm
Community Channel
Jimmy welcomes Rabbi Jay Perlman from Temple Beth Shalom for a spiritual and spirited conversation about sports.
Needham Channel Sports
Thursday at 3pm
Education Channel
Thanksgiving Football!
Distinguished Career Awards
Thursday at 5:30pm
Education Channel
Join us for a celebration of three terrific and inspiring careers. The ceremony was held at Needham High School on 10/31/14.
Wondering what we have been up to? Check out our October Production report for all the details!
Production Report - Oct14.pdfProduction Report - Oct14 part 2.pdf

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When is my program on?
It isn't always obvious to find out when a particular program is on. Our station is not considered large enough to have on-screen listings with Comcast or RCN. However we do link the schedules for the Community TV Schedule, Education TV Schedule and the Municipal TV Schedule which are updated every week. Still didn't catch the program? Give us a call if you notice a discrepancy in our listings. And don't worry, we air most of our programs multiple times during the week. Chances are that another showing is going to take place in the next couple of days!

How can I buy a copy of a program?
Sometimes you just want a copy of a program to watch at your leisure, or share with friends and family. Most of our programs are available for purchase. The cost is $15 for most DVD-R duplications. How do you request a copy? Simply contact the Needham Channel, and we will get the ball rolling!

How can I get an announcement on your channel?
Announcements for the Needham Channel's Community Bulletin Board can be submitted by interested individuals and non-profit organizations. New community announcements appear every Sunday on Channel 9 on Comcast, Channel 15 on RCN and Channel 29 on Verizon. If you would like to have an announcement placed on our channel, email

How do I get the news to cover a story or event?
Have a Tip for Our Newscast? We are always looking for new stories to pursue for our live, weekly newscast, "The Needham Channel News". Call extension 100 at 781-449-6964 or email Please keep in mind that our newscast is largely staffed by volunteers, so the more advanced notice we have, the more likely we are to get moving on your tip!

How can I get a show on air?
Show ideas are always welcome, you have to remember that we are a local access station staffed largely by volunteers! While we are very interested in hearing what you would like to SEE, it is best paired up with what you would like to DO. If you would like to get involved with a production, or if you are a Needham resident who would like to start one of your own, call Executive Director Marc Mandel to set up an appointment. We will provide the training, expert advice and most of the resources you would need to get your show on the air! If a show is already being produced at another channel that you would like to get on the Needham Channel, become a local sponsor--a Needham resident who wouldn't mind filling out the paper work involved in a request, and have your name aired in connection with that program.

Our studio and offices are located at 257 Chestnut Street in Needham.
Our general office hours: Monday through Friday 8am -6pm, but we recommend calling first as productions take us from the studio from time to time.
For more information, please call us at 781-449-6964 or email us at:
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