Use a Scooter (קורקינט שיאומי) and stay in fashion

Xiaomix is indicated as a top company inside the supply services, where each technique is delivered to clients quickly, dependably and securely throughout the region.

Also, Xiaomix is one of the most important companies in the market for the degree of responsibility as well as commitment we now have with each buy made by buyers, in which all of us ensure that that reaches its destination in the appropriate method.

However, this is not the only thing that produces us the best company in the area today, yet we also offer the latest inside technology, that helps to help the day for you to day of folks. And one of people new technological equipment that will make your life easier is a Scooter (קורקינט שיאומי).
It should be noted that a Scooter (קורקינט שיאומי) is a kind of scooter or two-wheeled vehicle, where the driver sits without riding on any part of the engine of the motorcycle.
Similarly, in Xiaomix we offer an electric Scooter (קורקינט שיאומי), which is foldable, easy to use and portable so that customers can take it with them anywhere. Other benefits of these vehicles are that, in addition to being portable, is that they have a useful prolongation of the battery, which can achieve travel up to 30 kilometers.
It should be noted that the Scooter (קורקינט שיאומי) have a dual and exclusive braking system that makes that vehicle unique and coveted in the market.

Thanks to its design, different materials, capacity, along with avant-garde, it has received several important titles on the globe, such as the Reddot Reward, which is a crucial title in the arena of Industrial Design, as well as a few international design awards.

However, if your Scooter or any electronic device ordered in our company involves present defects or doesn’t arrive in the appropriate way, in our firm we will arrange it, because inside our Bashiomix service anyone can enjoy specialist repair providers of products as well as accessories, additionally, that all the job will be done together with original parts.

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